Elisabeth Post Morrow (1896-1992)

If he only had known!

When Lt. Richard Post arrived from Kent England to Essex, Mass in 1637 at the age of 20 and only a few years after the pilgrims arrived, he soon met his future wife, Dorothy Johnson.

After marriage they traveled south arriving at Jamaica, LI, NY in the year 1639 and then moved east a year or two later to Southampton in the following year or so. They would be the beginning of the Post family spanning almost 390 years and nine generations to Elisabeth Post Morrow.

The ensuing male Post heirs would marry spouses with the family names of:

  • Mary Smith
  • Mary Halsey
  • Abigail Halsey
  • Mary Huntting
  • Mary Smith
  • Eleanor Cornelia Sackett
  • Louisa Henderson Wells
  • Thomas Irwin Morrow, Jr.

For the local historians it was Mary Smith, born 1790, who married Caleb Post, born 1785, who moved from Quogue, NY and after marriage to Brookhaven Hamlet around 1823 and raised their family.

The “SURNAMES” page lists the largest number of individuals having the same last name and you will discover why the founder of the Post Morrow Foundation so loved our community and our history. You will see long Island families named Woodhull, Smith, Hawkins, Randall, Dayton, Brown, Howell, Hulse, Tuthill, Havens, Corwin, etc. of which the Post family shared their lives with.

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