Preserving the Genealogical History of Long Island

Welcome to the Post Morrow Foundation Genealogy Website, your gateway to the rich tapestry of Long Island's familial history. Nestled within the digital archives of this foundation lies a treasure trove of genealogical records meticulously compiled and preserved over generations.

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This website expands the scope of the original “Brookhavensouthaven” database created by John Deitz. As of October, 2023 we had over 46,030 individuals and 18,680 families. This update, now over 64,000 individuals as of July 2024, includes 27,680 families and over 32 passengers on the Mayflower who have a connection to Bellport, Brookhaven Southaven, and the surrounding communities. Almost 40,299 individuals connect in some way to Mrs. Elisabeth Morrow family tree. Some local names are Art Cooley, the Post family, the Overton’s , the Brown’s, the Norton’s, the Paige’s, Ruth Woodhull Smith and Faith Champlain among others. 

While this new database has less new media than what was compiled by John Deitz, it has more facts and depth. We have added and updated individuals important dates, such as birth, date and marriage, and have added their descendants and included individuals from the surrounding communities such as Bellport, Patchogue and Old Mastic.

In doing this we have discovered in going back in time that a majority are related as brother and sister from the same early family who arrived in Colonial British America including a few on the Mayflower. Within in the early families we discovered marriages with the indigenous peoples of the area and their ancestors are included. Again, a work in progress and we hope with the aid of the community to expand the database.

Are you passionate about Long Island’s history and eager to uncover its ancestral roots? We invite you to be a part of our thriving community dedicated to preserving and celebrating Long Island’s genealogical history.